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We want to make your garage door repair near Urbana, OH as convenient as possible. We specialize in garage door repair because we know first-hand how your garage door is enormously important to the everyday function and convenience of your home.

Is your garage door unusable? Call us today. Are you experiencing a malfunctioning garage door? We’re on our way!

How We Can Serve You — Our Garage Door Services in Urbana OH

Even if you’re unsure why your garage door isn’t operating correctly, Village Garage Door can come to your residence in or near Urbana, OH and quickly diagnose your garage door’s issue. Schedule an appointment or call us for garage door repair today!

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garage door repair Urbana OH
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Speedy Garage Door Cable Drum Repair 

Your garage door is the largest and heaviest moving system in your home. It’s also held under extreme tension that enables it to function. Your garage door cables are located at the top of your garage door and look like thick, corded wires. Frayed or snapped cables need professional garage door cable replacement. Our technicians are trained to work with any garage door to correctly identify whether your garage door cables have fallen off their drums. Let one of our experts perform cable drum repair for your garage door in or near Urbana, OH. 

The cables within their drums are one of the main moving parts to your garage door. If you’re unsure if your garage door cables are the culprits, we will inspect the entire garage door system and perform a series of tests to ensure we service the correct repairs. View our Garage Door Services page for more information on what we offer at Village Garage Door.

Frequently Asked Questions

How often does my garage door need maintenance?

For a longer-lasting garage door, the system needs to be regularly maintained at least once a year by a garage door technician. Scheduling annual garage door maintenance will give you peace of mind that your garage door will be safe and efficient for many years to come.

Of course you can! Designing your garage door is a breeze with our various collections available near you in Urbana, OH. View our Garage Door Customization page for the complete ‘Door Buying’ experience with C.H.I. Overhead Doors.

We do not recommend performing DIY garage door repair. A heavy, unbalanced, and broken garage door is very dangerous, and all garage door repairs should be dealt with by a professional. For your safety, contact us immediately if your garage door isn’t operating properly.

Depend On Us For Local Garage Door Repair in Urbana, OH

You can depend on Village Garage Door for the best local garage door repair in Urbana, OH. We will come to you as soon as possible based on availability, and we will report the issue at hand. We love helping Greater Columbus and the surrounding area by showing clients their homes, and safety is a priority through our garage door repair. In the event you need a professional, there are some instances when your garage door is far from repair. 

See if the following questions apply to your garage door: 

  • Is your garage door 20 years or older?
  • Is your garage door opener 13 years or older?
  • Are your garage door panels visibly rusted or damaged?
  • Are you constantly needing garage door repair?
garage door repair Urbana OH

    A new garage door and a new garage door opener will improve the convenience and quality of how you use your garage, and we’ll make the installation process a breeze! View our stellar reviews and see what others in the Greater Columbus OH area are saying about us.