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Garage Door Openers: What Brand Is Superior?

Gearing Up For Garage Door Opener Installation

Installing an eye-catching garage door might make your neighbors do a double take as they drive by your home, but without a high-quality garage door opener to help it function properly, that door will be useless. Garage door openers are small but mighty. They bear the weight of the garage door and help it open and close smoothly and safely.

There’s a catch, though. Not all garage door openers are created equal. There are many brands of garage door openers, most of which claim to be the best. First, we’ll discuss a few things you should consider when choosing a garage door opener, then we’ll compare three of the top brands in the industry and recommend our favorite. 

4 Things To Consider When Choosing A Garage Door Opener

1. Weight Capacity And The Amount Of Horsepower Needed

The weight and size of your garage door will determine what horsepower your garage door opener needs. The horsepower of a garage door opener determines the speed at which the garage door opens (approx. 6-8 inches/second). If in doubt, it’s always better to choose an opener with more power than less. Garage door openers with ½ horsepower are adequate for most residential garage doors. Openers with ¾ to 1 horsepower are better suited for heavier doors and offer additional efficiency and longevity. 

2. Modern Safety And Security Features

Due to their size and weight, garage doors are potentially dangerous for home and business owners. A quality garage door opener will offer modern safety and security features to mitigate risks of injury or damage.

  • Garage Door Sensors- Laser sensors are installed on the sides of the garage door that recognize objects or movement under the garage door. Movement in front of the sensors will stop the garage door from moving. 
  • Automatic Reversing System- The garage door will automatically reverse if it hits an object. 
  • Rolling Code Security Technology- Choose a new code with each use of your garage door opener and protect your home from intruders.
  • Manual Release- This allows homeowners to open a garage door manually during a power outage. 
  • Battery Backups- Enables garage doors to continue operating during power outages.

3. Convenience And Technology Features

Make your life easier by choosing a garage door opener with modern technological capabilities. 

  • Smartphone/WiFi/Bluetooth Capabilities- Open and close your garage door from anywhere using an app on your smartphone. 
  • Keypad- A keypad attached to the outside of a garage door frame enables you to open and close a garage door without a remote, using a code.

4. Type of Drive Style

Drive styles have varying characteristics to consider. The benefit of one drive style may be noise control, while another type is more cost-effective. 

  • Chain Drive- The most common type of drive system is simple and affordable, but chain drives are noisy and require regular maintenance.
  • Belt Drive- Quieter than a chain drive because they run on rubber belts, but more expensive. Ideal for a home that has a bedroom over the garage or attached to the garage.
  • Screw Drive- Best for heavier and larger garage doors. They’re smoother than chain and belt drives and require less maintenance because they have fewer moving parts.

Genie vs. LiftMaster vs. Linear: Let’s Compare!

Here’s a closer look at residential garage door openers from 3 of the top brands in the industry. 

Genie Chain Drive 500- Model 1035LiftMaster – 8365W-267Linear – LSO50
½ horsepower½ horsepower½ horsepower
GenieSense Monitoring and Diagnostic Technology
myQ app
*Provides real-time alerts
*Garage Door Health Reports
Built-in Wi-Fi and smartphone control
Diagnostic system can identify 6 garage door issues
Pre-Programmed RemoteIncludes extra remote3-button visor remote
Motor Warranty: Limited 5 year
Motor Warranty: Lifetime
Parts Warranty: 1 year
Chain Warranty: 1 year
Accessory Warranty: 1 year
Motor Warranty: Lifetime
Mechanical Warranty: 5 years
Electronics Warranty: 1 year
Security Technology: Intellicode- changes access codes to prevent unauthorized entrySecurity Technology: Keyless entry systemSecurity Technology: Built-in MegaCode format receiver
Bonus Features:

HomeLink & Car2U compatible
Bonus Features:

Amazon Key: secure and convenient package delivery directly to your garage
Bonus Features:

Includes noise-reducing foam and vibration-isolation mounting brackets

Which Garage Door Opener Brand Is Our Number One Choice?

Our team at Village Garage Door has years of experience with garage door opener installation and repair. Out of all the brands we’ve worked with, one stands out among the rest. 

Drumroll please…our number one brand choice is LiftMaster!

LiftMaster consistently produces high-quality garage door openers that are durable, long-lasting, and full of convenient features and accessories. If you’re interested in more information about garage door opener installation, visit our page or contact Village Garage Door near Columbus, OH, and we’ll be happy to help!

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