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Garage door openers are extremely important to the functionality of your overhead door system. As the motor, openers power movement and determine how efficient and smooth your garage door operates. Over time, it’s common for openers to experience issues, whether it be with the motor, gear and sprocket, capacitor, or limit switch. Openers for residential garage doors are an essential part of the overall structure of the door. It won’t be possible for your overhead door to open and close unless the opener works in conjunction with your garage door springs and cables.

When these parts fail, your garage door won’t open, leaving you stuck. We understand that you depend on your overhead door to function properly every day, which is why we provide efficient and professional garage door opener repair services to the Greater Columbus area. Village Garage Door is a family-owned, garage door company that specializes in garage door opener repair and installation.

Signs You Need Garage Door Opener Repair

  • Garage door moves slowly.
  • Garage door has grinding noises when operating. 
  • Garage door moves inconsistently.
  • Garage door opener is approaching 10-15 years old.
  • Garage door moves a couple of inches before reversing.
  • Garage door won’t open or close.
  • Garage door remotes have slow to no response.
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Same Day Garage Door Opener Repair Near You

If your garage door won’t open or close, we first recommend some troubleshooting methods before scheduling a garage door opener repair. Ensure you’re not experiencing electrical issues and replace remote batteries if needed. It’s common for remotes to die or become disconnected from the opener. 

The opener may also need to be serviced or replaced. If you have a garage door opener over 8 years old, we’ll likely recommend that you invest in a new garage door opener. This makes more economical sense and will upgrade the convenience of your overhead door system. We’ve worked with the best garage door openers on the market and can recommend our favorites! New garage door openers provide enhanced features, such as smartphone control and video monitoring. You can also upgrade the security of your garage with LED lighting and constant monitoring.

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Why Garage Door Opener Maintenance is Important

Garage door openers are subjected to wear and tear over time, as they’re constantly powering the weight of the door. To combat this, we highly recommend scheduling garage door opener maintenance. A professional garage door repairman will thoroughly inspect your opener for abnormalities. If the gear and sprocket assembly need to be replaced, we’ll handle it. If we notice faulty wiring, we can get ahead of repairs before they cause extensive damage. By keeping your garage door opener in great condition, you will also extend the life of your other garage door hardware. 

We Also provide Garage Door Opener Installation

When it comes to your garage door system as a whole, garage door openers are the most important component. It is imperative that garage door openers are installed correctly in order to work efficiently without any problems. Our team of overhead door service professionals at Village Garage Door is well-versed in all types of garage doors and openers from years of serving the community. Let us serve your home with quality and efficiency, completing your new garage door opener installation.

Schedule Garage Door Opener Repair Near Plain City and Columbus OH

Are you experiencing garage door opener issues? We realize just how inconvenient it can be, which is why we work diligently to provide same day garage door opener repair in Plain City and Columbus OH. Our technicians are well-trained to handle full-service garage repairs with professionalism and attention to detail. Our number one priority is exceptional customer service with every project. Contact us today to schedule a garage door opener repair near you!

If your remotes aren’t working, replace the batteries and see if the lights come on. If not, you may need to have your opener remotes replaced or reconnected. Our technicians at Village Garage Door can help with this!

Yes, we do! Your garage door safety sensor system is put into place to prevent the garage door from closing on anything underneath it. It’s common for sensors to become misaligned or covered in debris, which will stop the operation of the garage door. This is typically an easy fix that we can walk you through over the phone or within a short service appointment. 

Typically, a flashing garage door opener is signaling an issue with the safety sensors. Examine your safety sensors for signs of damage and ensure photo eyes are aligned. If you need sensor repair, contact our team at Village Garage Door