The Team

Locally-owned and independently-operated Village Garage Door focuses on ethics and professionalism.  We believe in attentive customer service and detailed attention to our repair service.


Village Garage Door provides a team of trustworthy experts that are here to help. The priority is excellent customer care, whether it’s fixing, replacing or adding a brand new door. Village Garage Door is honest and sincere.


Village Garage Door provides a variety of products with the guarantee of excellent care and reliability. Products are held to the highest standards.


Village Garage Door supports local businesses through small business partnerships, cross promotions, and collaborations. Village Garage Door is part of a growing network of small businesses that give back to the community.


As a family run business Village Garage Door rewards people through quality customer service, a large variety of dependable products, and a trustworthy team of knowledgeable experts available 24/7.